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Cellavision DM1200

  • A cost effective solution for medium workloads
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Direct comparison with reference images and ability to email cell images improves the quality and support
  • Images and results are recorded digitally making the whole process auditable and transparent
  • Remote review eliminates transport, travel and time costs

Cellavision DM1200

The DM1200 is an automated digital morphology system for the location, pre-classification, display, storage and transmission of red and white blood cell images.

The system has a throughput of 20-22 slides per hour using a single cassette of up to 12 samples. The DM1200 brings digital morphology into the reach of the mid-sized laboratory. The system provides software for pre-classification of cells on blood smears and a slide scan mode, capturing digital images of any slide placed in the system.

The Remote Review software allows pathologsts or clinicians, real-time access to analysed slides from any location. It also allows for remote viewing of historical patient images for immediate comparison.

Digital imaging

DM1200 Specifications

DM1200 Specifications


Peripheral Blood: 

Up to 20 slides/h for complete differential


Digital Slides:

Up to 20 slides/h for 10 × 10 mm in 10x

Up to 1.5 slides/h for 10 × 10 mm in 10x + 50x

Body Fluids (based on 6 mm sample area): 

Up to 15 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10X)

Up to 3 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10X + 50X)

Slide Handling

Requires barcode labeled slides with clipped/round corners

Slides are loaded into a magazine with the capacity of 12 slides

Analyzes slides with blood smears and body fluids either batched in dedicated magazines or mixed when interfaced


Primary storage: On local hard drive up to 4,000 slides (20 GB)

Secondary storage: Unlimited when transferred to external storage media

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and Weight

Size (W x D x H)

576 × 450 × 710 mm • 22.7 × 17.7 × 28.0 inches


80 kg/176 lbs

Electronic Specifications

Voltage input: 230/115 VAC

Slide scanning unit: 1A/2A

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