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Cellavision DM96

  • Reduces manual intervention time
  • The Digital Archive removes space and weight constraints
  • Direct comparison with reference images and ability to email cell images improves the quality and support
  • All findings are recorded digitally making the whole process auditable and transparent
  • Remote review- eliminates transport, travel and time costs

Cellavision DM96

The DM96 is an Automated Digital Cell Morphology and Informatics System for the location, pre-classification/characterisation, display, storage and transmission of White & Red Blood Cells images. Remote access from multiple locations encourages collaboration and sophisticated classification reduces subjectivity and increases diagnostic accuracy. Up to 96 stained peripheral blood smears can be loaded at once, and processed at speeds of 35 to 60 smears per hour depending on the tests requested.



Digital imaging

DM96 Specifications

DM96 Specifications


Up to 35 slides/h for complete differential (100 WBC+RBC+PLT)

Digital Slides:

Up to 20 slides/h for 10 × 10 mm in 10x

Up to 2 slides/h for 10 × 10 mm in 10x + 50x

Body Fluids (based on 6 mm sample area):

Up to 25 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10X)

Up to 7 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10X + 50X)

Slide handling

Requires barcode labeled slides with clipped/round corners

Slides are loaded into magazines with the capacity of 12 slides each. Fits eight magazines.

Analyses slides with blood smears and body fluids either batched in dedicated magazines or mixed when interfaced to a LIS


Primary storage: On local hard drive up to 4,000 slides (20 GB)

Secondary storage: Unlimited when transferred to external storage media

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and Weight

Size (W x D x H)

530 × 600 × 630 mm • 20.9 × 23.6 × 24.8 inches


60 kg/133 lbs 

Electronical Specifications

Voltage input: 230/115 VAC • Current input: 4A/8A

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