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CyScope® HP

  • Fluorescence epi–illumination by different LED
  • White light LED for transmitted light
  • Achromatic objectives: 20× dry, 40× dry, 100× oil immersion
  • Eyepiece: 10× wide field/18 mm
  • Ideal for many kinds of fluorescence and light microscopy applications


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CyScope® HP

Fluorescence and transmitted light microscope

The CyScope® HP is a uniquely innovative microscope, offering LED fluorescence and light microscopy in a compact design and implementing sophisticated optics. It employs incident light (e.g. UV, royal blue, blue, green, red) and transmitted light detection, either simultaneously or separately. The blue (470nm), green (528nm) and red (624nm) LEDs with their extremely long life of several thousand hours work in a high-power / high-current mode, cooled by a miniature fan.

Additional microscope variations are available upon request.

Flow cytometry

Microscope Objectives

Microscope Objectives

Partec has designed a series of microscope objectives with emphasis on high UV light transmission and long working distance. This combination is ideal for many research applications. The optical performance is superior compared to other conventional objectives.

The Partec microscope objectives are assembled without the use of optical glues which usually have a limited lifetime and which may exhibit high autofluorescence. The lenses are composed without glue in order to avoid destruction and transmission losses even in the UV range. High power continuous wave (cw) and pulsed laser beams are focused without lens damages. Low temperature experiments can be performed as well.

Partec objectives are corrected for infinity (tube length infinity) in order to have parallel output beams. Additional experimental setups can be added at any distance from output aperture. Calculation was performed for a single wavelength (436 nm) in order to maintain high light gathering power (numerical aperture NA). The housing has standard length and industry standard RMS (0.8 inch 36-TPI) mounting thread. Consider the immersion glycerine lens for highest numerical aperture (NA = 1.25) with a large working distance of 0.5 mm. High viscosity immersion gel for any experimental orientation and stable long-term coupling is available. Broadband (UV or visible) antireflection coatings or laser line coatings are available for these objectives upon customer request.



BBC Operation Iceberg

BBC Operation Iceberg

In 2012, Partec supported the BBC expedition 'Operation Iceberg' by providing the innovative CyScope® fluorescence microscopy technology for studying the geological and biological aspects of glaciers and icebergs in the field.

Operation Iceberg was a six-week mission for a team of 25 scientists and filmmakers to document the life-cycle of arctic icebergs from their birth to death.

Field studies are an important method for environmental scientists to learn about nature. The equipment used by the researchers has to fulfil special requirements: compactness, mobility, extreme robustness even in harsh climatic conditions, easiness of operation and an almost maintenance-free design are some of the specifications with which field instruments need to comply.

The show was broadcast in BBC Two on Tuesday 30th October and Thursday 1st November 2012 at 9pm (GMT).



LED light sources:

  • UV LED (365nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for DAPI, Hoechst
  • Royal Blue LED (455 nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for auramine-rhodamine
  • High-power Blue LED (470 nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for FITC, GFP
  • High-power Blue LED (470 nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for FITC, PE-Cy5, PI
  • High-power Blue LED (470 nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for FDA, cFDA, PI, Syto®
  • High-power Green LED (528 nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for PE, PI, RFP
  • High-power Red LED (624nm) excitation and emission set, e.g. for APC



  • Objectives
    - 20x NA 0.40
    - 40x NA 0.65
    - 100x NA 1.25 oil immersion


Binocular eyepiece:

  • 10 x/18 mm wide field with scaled distance setting for the pupillas and diopter


Power supply:

  • input: 100 V to 240 V AC
  • output: 12 V DC, 8.33 A



  • W 90/150 mm x H 343 mm x  D 195 mm/ 3.5 kg


  • Immunofluorescence
  • FISH
  • Viability studies
  • Toxicology
  • Quality assurance in food and beverage industry
  • Microbiology
  • Quality control in dairy industry and milk products
  • Yeast analysis

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