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Thrombophilia Testing
    Thrombophilia Testing

Molecular Thrombophilia Testing

Hain molecular thrombophilia testing is available through our Sysmex Managed Service Contract agreements.

We are now able to offer you efficient thrombophilia diagnostics from one source.

For more than 25 years Hain Lifescience has been manufacturing and developing molecular genetic diagnostics. The company focuses on the independent development, production and distribution of modern diagnostic test systems and kits.

Sysmex UK can now offer our customers CE marked, HyBeacon technology offering fast and reliable results for the diagnosis of genetic predisposition to thrombophilia.


The tests that we can now offer include

  • Factor V Leiden
  • Prothrombin
  • Plus others


For those looking to start thrombophilia molecular genetic testing, or perhaps repatriate it back into your laboratory, or even expand your existing screening we have an appropriate solution for you. Our solution is both user friendly and cost efficient.

The technique is simple - DNA or RNA is isolated from a specimen and detected with fluorescence labelled probes.

Following automated DNA isolation the extracted nucleic acid is amplified in the Fluorocycler and evaluation software displays results clearly, providing a guaranteed result interpretation that is both easy to read, simple and convenient.

From automated DNA isolation to test kits & systems Sysmex UK can now supply all necessary components for your laboratory work.

All elements work together perfectly allowing you a rapid, simple daily routine and peace of mind that the results are correct.



FluoroType® Tests

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