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Quantification and removal of stickies for paper and pulp producers

Flow cytometry is not limited to cells. Each particle with a diameter smaller than 200 μm is practically suitable for analysis by our instruments. Particle size, particle number and specific fluorescence signals can easily be analysed within one single experiment. Quantification of unwanted by-products during large scale production procedures and control of their effective removal will stream-line the production process and save substantial amounts of money.

Stickies are formed by many different materials and are considered to be one of the most problematic contaminants in the paper industry. Sticky contaminants are not only cosmetically unappealing, but cause several functional problems for pulp and paper producers which reduce production levels and paper quality. The quantification of stickies and control of their removal is therefore vital in order to streamline the production process and help prevent costly downtime. Sysmex Partec instruments can be used to analyse these particles which are typically less than 200 μm in diameter. The analysis of standard beads with known diameters allows the transformation of the FSC intensity axis into a particle size distribution axis.


  • Detection and monitoring of stickies

Organisations that benefit from using Sysmex Partec Products

  • Paper manufacturers
  • Paper mills

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