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Setting the standards for ploidy analysis

Market leaders for over 25 years, Sysmex Partec flow cytometry systems have been setting the standard for the analysis of DNA in agrosciencce, aquaculture, oyster and fish farming.

Flow cytometric analysis enables the monitoring of DNA content and ploidy levels for a large number of species in the early stages of development with comparable small investment in lowering the cost of equipment and man power.

Sysmex Partec has contributed to this field of applications through the development of a simple and user friendly all in one solution consisting of:

  • Dedicated, robust and reliable instrumentation
  • Specifically tailored reagent protocols 


  • Detection of Ploidy Level
  • Plant Genome Size
  • DNA Analysis
  • Aneuploids and Allopolyploids
  • Detection of Apomixis and Reproduction Behavior
  • Detection of Hybrids
  • Polysomy
  • Polysomaty and Plant Chimera Analysis
  • Aquaculture

Organisations that benefit from using Sysmex Partec Products

  •  Universities
  •  Seed producers
  •  Plant breeders
  •  Plant research groups
  • Fish Farms
  • Oyster Farms
  • Aquaculture Breeders

Customer Testimonials

Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) Aberystwyth University                  
Dr Charlotte Hayes, Miscanthus Breeder PHD

‘The department has operated a Partec PA for many years and recently upgraded to a CyFlow Ploidy Analyser. We have been impressed with how easy to operate the instrument is and it’s reliability. The measurements are consistent throughout the experiment and the machine is very quick to produce the results. We also took out a maintenance contract at the time of purchase, which we have been very pleased with and I am sure has helped to maintain the consistency and accuracy of the results.’



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