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Tosoh G8

  • Fast - to ensure your workload is dealt with swiftly
  • Fully Automated - to minimise operator intervention
  • Reliable and Precise - to ensure a consistent service
  • Sophisticated Functions - for easy integration
  • Compact Benchtop Size - to minimise benchspace

Tosoh G8

The Tosoh G8 offers the fastest available throughput of HbA1c results in just 1.6 minutes, with Hb variant detection, providing the ideal solution for rapid and reliable diabetic monitoring. In depth analysis of patients with haemoglobin variants can be achieved by simple mode changes to b-thalassaemia program.

The G8 has the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of modern laboratories by offering the unique opportunity to upgrade from 90 sample loader to 290 sample loader and laboratory automation models.



Technology: Ion exchange High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)



Integrated: XN-9000 [Workload Balance]

Connected: XN-9000 [Sorting and Archiving] HSTN EXPERTline


Sampling Volume: 4µL for whole blood and 80µL for diluted samples


Processing Throughput:

1.6 min/sample (Variant Analysis Mode)

HbF and HbA2 - result within 6 minutes (Beta-Thalassemia Mode)


Workload Capacity: Maximum 200 samples per analyser per day


Throughput: Maximum 200 samples per analyser per day


Calibration: 2-point method for HbA1c




Functional Characteristics

Functional Characteristics

  • Detection and identification of variants
  • Number of injections per HbA1c per column not fixed
  • Column change is indicated when QC values drift
  • Optimized workflow without tube manipulation and errors in patient identification
  • Minimized touch points for EDTA tubes with less hands on operator time
  • Integrated data management with automated re-test functionality
  • Single tube management for Haematology and HbA1c
  • Measurement of diluted (paediatric) samples in single mode of HSTN/XN-9000


HbA1c Mode:

HbA1c (s-A1c), HbF, HbA1A, HbA1B, HbLA1c, HbA0


Beta-Thalassemia Mode:

HbF, HbA0, HbA2, HbD+ (variant), HbS+ (Variant), HbC+ (Variant)

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 530mm (W) x 290mm (D) x 482mm (H)

Weight: 28Kg

Power Requirement: AC 100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 180 VA max.

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