Sysmex Logistics UK

Focused entirely on serving the needs of our customers, Sysmex Logistics provides a flexible, responsive and highly reliable delivery service that can manage the entire supply process, from initial order to delivery of goods, giving our customers real peace of mind.

Sysmex Logistics provides a truly bespoke logistics service built around our customers’ requirements:

  • Dedicated drivers: providing customers control over delivery dates and times
  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking: allows us to monitor expected arrival times for planned deliveries
  • Taylored delivery: goods are delivered exactly where they are needed: store room, fridge or reception
  • Stock Rotation: upon request, we will rotate stock to ensure that the older goods are used up first
  • Flexible reordering: to suit individual customer reagent usage and storage requirements



Sysmex Logistics

Personalised batch hold, stock rotation and delivery service, saving you time and money.

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Sysmex Logistics Contact Details

You can contact Sysmex Logistics on:

Tel: 0870 902 9213

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