Sysmex CA-660


  • Analyser demonstrates proven reliability
  • Uses clotting chromogenic and immuno-turbidometric methodologies
  • Routine and specialist testing; up to 60 samples/hour
  • Colour LCD touch screen and integrated barcode reader
  • Can be interfaced bi-directionally


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CA-660 – Complete profiles, robust and automated

The CA-660* is a compact, fully automated coagulation analyser. It combines proven and successful characteristics – such as the optical detection technology and the reagent system of its predecessors – with new features. In addition to routine testing, it also offers specialty coagulation testing such as D-dimer, factor assays, thrombophilia and von Willebrand Factor activity. It therefore provides a complete patient profile.

It serves as a great primary analyser for low-volume haemostasis laboratories. Or as a powerful backup instrument in larger labs. The CA-660 has been designed in line with our advanced Silent Design concept, is of solid construction, hard-wearing and robust. And with its reliable performance, it is the perfect choice whether as a main analyser or as a back-up analyser.

Strong performance, high quality results

Strong performance, high quality results

The CA-660 can utilise three detection technologies - clotting, chromogenic and immunological analyses. This means you can also perform a wide range of specialty testing to further investigate haemostatic disease status and perform fibrinolysis tests.

The CA-660 offers added clinical value and identifies D-dimers precisely and fully automatically. This makes it easier to monitor patients and rule out critical conditions in a wide range of coagulopathies. This test is often used for excluding deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. With the CA-660, your results can now contribute even more to patient care by relating them to disease prognosis.

Simplify your daily laboratory work

Simplify your daily laboratory work

Thanks to a colour LCD touch screen and an integrated barcode reader, the CA-660 is safe and easy to use. Automated sample identification makes sure the right tests are performed on the right samples. It also eliminates the need for sample batching, which reduces the turnaround time. The device also offers optimised turnaround times for D-dimer analyses and calibrations and because it’s so easy to use, it helps minimise the risk of errors.

Maintenance requirements are low, which ensures the system operates efficiently with little downtime. Integrated reagent cooling increases on-board reagent stability. And thanks to a range of sensor functions, the system is particularly safe to operate.



Test protocols

  • up to 14 programmable


View Parameters


  • 1 dedicated position

Sample volumes

  • min. 50 μL (PT, APTT, TT)
  • min. 10 μL (Fbg, AT-III)
  • min. 5 µL (factor assays)
  • min. 8 µL (Innovance D-dimer)

Auto-dilution function

  • for accurate measurement of abnormal fibrinogen or D-dimer levels

Reagent capacity

  • 13 positions (4 cooled and 3 dedicated to diluents, bu_ ers or cleaning reagents)

Quality control

  • xbar / L-J control: 6 files at 180 points, 14 parameters

Data storage

  • up to 600 samples / max. 3,000 tests


  • colour LCD touch screen (user interface)
  • built-in thermal printer, prints data and graphics
  • built-in barcode reader for samples and STAT
  • 2D hand-held barcode reader for reagents (ISI, lot#, expiry date), calibrators (assigned value, lot#, expiry date), controls (target/limit, lot#, expiry date), samples/STAT (for sample search) (optional)       
  • SNCS capability (dedicated LAN port)
  • LIS (serial)
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