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The Sysmex CS-Series is intended for busy, mid to high workload laboratories that require an analyser that can deliver fast and reliable results. The CS-Series uses the latest technology, consolidating and automating a wide range of haemostasis tests in a single analyser. Equipped with an optical fiber that supplies light at five wavelengths and a detector capable of receiving light in multiple wavelengths (multi-wavelength detection), the CS-Series is able to simultaneously measure multiple parameters using clotthing, chromogenic, immunoassay and aggregation methods.

The CS-2400/CS-2500 is our latest, high performance automated haemostasis analyser with an advanced user interface and new features delivering superior technology to your laboratory.

The CS-5100 is a fully automated coagulation analyser and has been specifically designed for high throughput laboratories. Supporting both closed and open vial sampling, it provides automatic reflex, repeat and re-analysis and re-dilution of samples and is compatible with automated sample tracking, eliminating the need for robotic arms; ensuring that the CS-5100 is a reliable and highly cost effective solution.

Video: CS-5100 Coagulation System

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