SENTiFIT 270 Analyser

  • Stand-alone faecal analyser for a medium throughput of up to 270 tests/hour
  • Single-step analysis: simply load the FOB Gold pierce tube onto the sample tray and start testing
  • Piercing probe controlled by level sensors for sample detection
  • Up to 270 tests/hour
  • Excellent price/quality ratio and service


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The automated solution for a hygienic FIT measurement

The SENTiFIT 270, a fully automated clinical-chemical system, has been especially developed for use with the FOB Gold pierce tube to quantitatively determine occult faecal haemoglobin. Various bowel cancer screening programmes have already proven the SENTiFIT 270 a reliable partner in the laboratory.

Advantages for the laboratory

  • The SENTiFIT 270 can process up to 270 samples per hour.
  • Requires no sample preparation or treatment: measurements are fast, safe and hygienic, i.e. no further contact between the laboratory staff and sample material.
  • Extra safe: You can place the FOB Gold pierce tube in the sample rack only with the pierceable side facing up. This prevents any analysis errors or delays and the manual intervention of having to turn tubes over by hand.



Faecal Immunochemical
Test for Haemoglobin (FIT)




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