Total lab automation (TLA) solutions

  • Customised walk-away solutions for centralised national screening programmes
  • High throughput of up to 1,600 tests/hour
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership compared to using an array of individual stand-alone analysers

Customisable walk-away solutions for high-throughput needs (up to 1,600 tests/hour)

For all high-throughput needs, we customise our solutions in line with the needs of the screening organisations and the relevant lab settings. This involves harmonising issues such as the number of laboratory hubs and the distribution of the samples. We are delighted to offer consultancy in this area based on our experience. Please get in touch with your Sysmex representative.

With such high throughputs, once the samples arrive at the testing hubs/labs, you need to be confident you can guarantee your throughput and quality. By providing the automated platform dedicated to FIT, we ensure the faecal immunological samples are processed quickly, cost efficiently and especially without the loss of standardised analytical quality.


Advantages for the laboratory

  • Consistent, high quality and standardisation
  • More walk-away time
  • Less hands-on time
  • Peace of mind you can deliver the services expected by your screening programme contract partners

Faecal Immunochemical
Test for Haemoglobin (FIT)

Video - Walk-Away FIT solutions for high throughput

Video - Walk-Away FIT solutions for high throughput


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