Sysmex approach laboratory solutions from a holistic perspective. Our individual consultancy services align clinical demands to existing pathologies using the latest technology in a consistent manner. The aim is a 24/7 optimised workflow from sample entry to sample archiving, including professional result management. This lets you focus on real pathologies and provides the freedom necessary for your laboratory to fulfil your daily tasks.

There are five main areas of focus in the consultancy process.

Analysing your current situation

In daily laboratory routine, there is generally no room for comparing the analytical capability of the current equipment with the real needs of the individual pathologies. This is performed once when faced by a replacement, but not continuously during the whole product life cycle. This may be required by the wards, however.

Defining your demands

Don’t limit your demands at this stage by taking the budget, space, required man power or other limitations into account.  Dreaming is allowed in this stage and mostly the initiator of a change request. It is our responsibility to synchronise your needs with the possibilities. We will develop the concept according to your individual demands, priorities and feasible options.

Synchronising processes

The laboratory workflow has to fulfil various approaches according to the needs of different sample materials linked to the dedicated work area. The process advantage for one sample material can mean a huge disadvantage for another one. The challenge of consultancy is to consider the most efficient/ economical way for each sample material taking the whole process into account in a synchronised, constant manner.

Accompanying the change process

Providing a concept is a huge step, of course. But we guide you through the whole change process to ensure daily laboratory routine at any time, 24/7. We will support you in managing the inevitable bottleneck during the implementation phase and assist with concept readjustments if necessary.

[Translate to .CO.UK-en United Kingdom (english):] Observing the outcome

[Translate to .CO.UK-en United Kingdom (english):] After implementation, continuous monitoring is required to ensure the TAT and your support level match your original demands. To ensure you identify changes in the pathologies at an early state to support the clinicians continuously on the highest possible level and so create value for laboratory testing. 

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