Sysmex Logistics

In July 2004, Sysmex opened our dedicated logistics company - Sysmex Logistics UK. Our unique, market leading logistics service provides customers with a flexible, responsive and highly reliable delivery service.

Personalised Delivery Service

At Sysmex Logistics we are proud to offer a complete delivery service which includes a full and thorough inspection of your site prior to delivery of Instruments or Reagents.

Deliveries will be made directly to your store room, front door, fridge or wherever you require. All of our stock is held locally at Sysmex Logistics UK in Milton Keynes and the reordering process is completely flexible.

Sysmex has two 17.5 tonne dedicated delivery lorries which deliver your standing orders to pre-arranged schedules on a weekly basis or as required after.

The batch hold process allows our coagulation customers to hold stock of the same lot number for a period of one year at Sysmex, thereby reducing the need to perform unnecessary calibration due to using different lot numbers, saving you time and money.

All of our delivery vehicles are fitted with tracking systems so we can monitor your delivery in real time.

  • Guaranteed, reliable delivery service
  • Free of charge stock rotation where required
  • Logistics assessments service; no problematic deliveries
  • Batch hold facilities available for coagulation reagents
  • Inventory management



Contact Details and Directions

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