Managed Services

Sysmex UK are able to provide our customers with a wealth of experience in the provision of managed services.

Our dedicated and professional contracts management team are committed to ensuring that your experience with Sysmex UK is world class from the minute we are awarded a contract, whether Sysmex UK are acting as a primary supplier or as a secondary supplier.

Sysmex UK as a primary supplier

Acting as a primary supplier under a Managed Service Contract, we are able to offer:

Contract Management

  • Provides regular information of the financial and technical performance of our relationship.
  • Allows greater visibility and control when compared to a traditional supply contract
  • Gives laboratory management better financial control over increasingly complex contracts


Consolidated provision of service

  • Single invoice allows significant reduction in processing costs compared to multiple contracts
  • Single point of contact for queries and orders simplifies laboratory processes and saves time
  • Single point of contact for technical queries if required allowing quicker fault resolution and better record keeping


 Risk transfer

  • Removal of capital value from NHS asset registers
  • Reduced risk of variation in cost due to changes in volume
  • Removal of risk caused by failure of supply
  • Increased flexibility as your service requirements change


 Please get in touch with Sysmex UK to find out how we can help your organisation through our market-leading diagnostic instruments and support services.

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