Business Management System

Underpinned by our Vision, Values and International Quality Standards; ISO 9001-2008 and 27001-2013, Sysmex continues to provide an optimum service to our customers not only through our people, innovative products and after sales support, but also through partnership and long term relationships.

Sysmex will ensure Continual Improvement through our Business Management System (BMS), which supports our leading principles, compliance code and regulatory requirements which is the ‘Sysmex Way’.

Sysmex aims to:

  • Ensure that the BMS is practiced at all times
  • Understand our customers changing needs
  • Dynamically develop our technology and infrastructure to deliver the highest service standards
  • Instill a 'quality' culture
  • Be an employer of choice providing employee satisfaction through: support, recognition, equality, values and training and development
  • Managing environmental risk associated with our activites

Find out more about our BMS system here.

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