Haematologic malignancies: Get more out of routine diagnostics

Join us and explore our innovative diagnostic solutions in the field of haematologic malignancies!

For more than 50 years we at Sysmex have paired our high-quality haematology analysers with the knowledge of our customers and medical experts, resulting in diagnostics solutions for profound blood cell characterisation: from cell count to cell morphology and functionality, to clinical flow cytometry and its dedicated antibodies.

We have moved beyond the traditional complete blood count (CBC) and arrived at diagnostic solutions allowing an unmatched level of insight in patients haematopoiesis and blood cell physiology – for better and faster detection and treatment of haematologic malignancies.

You are welcome to explore how our clinical insights can support you in diagnostics and therapy decision making.

Incidential finding of haematological malignancies

Recognize the early signs of leukaemia already from standard blood cell count analysis

Are you aware that routine blood count can aid in the incidental findings of haematologic malignancies? With the analysis of blood sample on XN-Series haematology analyser you can be sure about

  • Sensitive detection of pathologic cells
  • Suspicious samples immediately directed for follow-up review
  • Not missing malignant conditions early on

Find out about the decisive CBC parameters

Stem cell transplantation

Optimise apheresis and observe early signs of successful stem cell engraftment

Just by blood cell counting: Closely monitor your patients and get reliable answers for:

  • What is the correct timing to start apheresis after stem cell mobilisation?
  • When have sufficient blood stem cells been harvested and apheresis can be stopped?
  • Have the transplanted stem cells already started to produce new blood cells?
  • Bone marrow toxicity due to chemotherapy:
    • Have the blood counts reached a critical low level due to chemotherapy?
    • Are there signs of bone marrow recovery, so that transfusion can be avoided?

Explore how Sysmex XN-Series haematology analysers can assist you from stem cell mobilisation to engraftment

Anaemia in patients with haematological malignancies

Be confident in appropriate anaemia diagnosis and therapy

Did you know that routine blood count can aid in assessing the availability of iron in patients with haematologic malignancies?

The state-of-the-art Sysmex XN-Series haematology analysers offer:

  • Parameter that directly reflect the bioavailability of iron for erythropoiesis
  • Early indication of the response to iron therapy and/or erythropoiesis-stimulating agents

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