Sysmex as your trusted partner for digital pathology solutions

Sysmex is a pioneering force in medical technology, dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovative solutions. With a long history in the diagnostics field, our technologies and comprehensive product portfolio contribute to improved patient care and enhanced laboratory efficiency.

Our commitment now also extends beyond the realm of diagnostics to the field of pathology as well, where we have also established ourselves as leaders. Collaborating closely with manufacturers like 3DHISTECH, a company exclusively dedicated to digital pathology solutions, we take immense pride in being the sole distributor of 3DHISTECH branded products in the UK.

In the context of the NHS and its histopathology workflows, our digital pathology solutions offer transformative benefits. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing processes, ensuring minimal disruption while maximising efficiency and accuracy. By adopting our solutions, NHS laboratories can expect:

  • Personalised Solutions: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. We take the time to listen to your concerns and requirements, enabling us to provide you with a solution that aligns with your laboratory's goals and objectives.
  • Tailored Training: We understand that each laboratory has unique requirements and challenges. Our approach to training is customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to leverage the full potential of our digital pathology solutions.
  • Expert Product Specialists: Our team of product specialists brings over two decades of expertise in the field of digital pathology. This wealth of experience ensures that you receive not only top-notch technology but also unparalleled support and guidance throughout your journey.
  • Laboratory Background: Many of our skilled staff members hail from laboratory backgrounds themselves. This unique perspective allows us to truly comprehend your challenges, needs, and aspirations. When you speak, we understand, because we've been there too.

Our collaboration with 3DHISTECH positions us as the ideal partner for laboratories aiming to modernise their histopathology workflows. At Sysmex, we are committed to not only providing innovative technology but also ensuring that you receive the support and expertise needed to navigate this transformative journey seamlessly.

Proven reliability in digital pathology

Introducing the 3DHISTECH range of scanners known for their reliability, precision, and innovation and recognised for their excellence in the field of digital pathology, providing a range of features and benefits that enhance diagnostic capabilities significantly.

The PANNORAMIC® 480 stands out with exceptional reliability, boasting an impressive 250-day MTBF, minimising disruptions. Beyond the technology, our skilled, focused, and reliable digital pathology team can tailor solutions to your specific needs. For immediate assistance, our specialised support hotline connects you directly to experts, ensuring efficient issue resolution. And, with the Caresphere Academy available 24/7, you have access to a wealth of training materials and resources, empowering you to continuously maximise the potential of your digital scanning solutions while keeping your skills sharp.

Stellar digital pathology

Stellar digital pathology

A square peg in a square hole

A square peg in a square hole

You have the vision. We have the technology. 

You have the vision. We have the technology. 

Driving productivity

The 3DHISTECH portfolio of digital slide scanners enhances productivity across clinical, research, and veterinary needs, providing the right capacity and capabilities for your requirements.

We offer guidance to optimise your processes and provide user-friendly software for seamless operation. Our solutions are affordable and versatile, meeting clinical and research demands while aligning with your budget. Larger capacity scanners increase productivity, freeing up time for analysis.

Our innovative footprint optimisation combines standard and mega slide scanning in one solution, saving space without sacrificing quality. Advanced features like brightfield and fluorescent scanning, seamless DICOM integration, and efficient image management through SlideCentre software enhance your digital pathology experience.

Meet the PANNORAMIC®480 – built to meet your needs

Introducing the PANNORAMIC® 480, exclusively available through Sysmex in the UK. This scanner is meticulously designed for high-throughput routine workflows, handling both standard and mega slides, and processing up to 90 slides per hour. The P480 ensures stable workflows, even during fluctuations, while maintaining a compact footprint without sacrificing performance or image quality.

Choosing the PANNORAMIC® 480 also means gaining access to Sysmex's renowned after-sales customer service and support. At Sysmex, our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial purchase, ensuring that you receive the assistance and guidance needed to maximise the potential of your scanner.

In essence, the PANNORAMIC® 480 empowers your laboratory to achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity.

For more details, visit our product page.

Pannoramic® 480

Pannoramic® 480

The compact routine scanner for digital pathology 

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