Product security

With the spread of the Internet and the rapid progress of IT, medical instrument and services are also exposed to the threat of cyber-attacks. 

Latest updates

Spring Framework vulnerabilities

Sysmex is aware of the critical vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the Spring Framework. Our investigations have not identified any affected product so far. We will keep you informed if the situation changes.

Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

Sysmex Europe is aware of Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228). We are currently investigating and taking action for Sysmex products and services that may be potentially impacted.


Update on 19 January 2022:

The following products and services are confirmed that they are not affected:


XN-Series, XN-L Series, pocH-100i/80i, XS-Series, XP-300, RU-20, KX-21N


UF-Series, UN-Series, U-WAM, UX-2000, UC-3500, UC-1000, UD-10, TH-11


CA-Series, CS-Series, CN-Series

Flow cytometry:

CyFlow, CyFlow Space, CyFlow Cube 6, CyFlow Cube 8, CyFox, CyScope, PS-10,

Life Science:

RD-100i OSNA, RD-210 OSNA


CT-90, TS-10, TS-500, TS-2000, SP-10, SP-50, CF-60

Software products:

Extended IPU, Support Manager, Routing Engine


According to the manufacturer no action is needed for these systems or software products:

CellaVision DM1200, CellaVision DM9600, CellaVision DC-1, Automated Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer DI-60, CellaVision Remote Review Software, DI Remote Review Software, CellaVision Server Software, CellaVision DM96


All instruments are not affected according to the manufacturer.

RR Mechatronics:

All instruments are not affected according to the manufacturer.

Sentinel Diagnostics:

SENTiFOB Analyser and SENTiFIT 270 Analyser are not affected according to the manufacturer.


All applications are not affected according to the manufacturer.


We will continually publish information to help our customers identify, investigate and, if necessary, mitigate security vulnerabilities to their Sysmex products and services.

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