Sysmex Customer Support Centre (CSC)

The Customer Support Centre (CSC) is manned daily by a team of highly trained Engineers and Product Specialists and supported by a new telecommunication technology for both call handling and tracking.

Our aim is to ensure thst your call is answered promptly by the specialist you need, offering the highest level of assistance quickly and effectively.

The in-house CSC is supported by our team of 7 Product Specialist/Trainers, an in-house engineer for technical troubleshooting and engineering on the road who are able to take calls or visit customer sites as required.

Furthermore the ‘Sysmex Customer Portal’ supports 24/7 customer support call logging and tracking as well as automatically sending call status updates by e-mail.

Give us a call!

  • Product Support: 0333 320 3466
  • Service Support: 0333 320 3467
  • Sales Support: 0333 320 3461
  • Reagent Ordering: 0333 320 3470

Access the Sysmex Service Portal: Sysmex Service Portal
Access the Sysmex UK Service Status Page: Sysmex UK Service Status Page

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