Clinical flow cytometry

Specialised flow cytometry laboratories today are facing several challenges: an increasing number and complexity of tests, high requirements for documentation, and limited availability of skilled staff.

We believe that our experience in automation, data integration and workflow optimisation, which we’ve developed over decades in haematology, haemostasis and urinalysis diagnostics, can help busy flow cytometry laboratories handle these challenges confidently.

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency

Our modularintegrated clinical flow cytometry system helps you manage sample and data flow, covering the steps from sample preparation through to analysis and reporting.

  • PS-10 sample preparation system 
    The programmable PS-10 automates sample preparation steps to match your SOPs, adding increased efficiency and standardisation for complex and routine flow cytometry applications.

  • Automated cell washing system 
    The Hettich Rotolavit II-S cell wash centrifuge automatically carries out the routine washing steps when preparing samples for flow cytometry.

  • XF-1600 flow cytometer 
    The award-winning Silent Design of the XN-Series set the standard for the development of this 10-colour flow cytometer for highest-level clinical requirements.

  • Sample tube rotor
    Our rotor is used across all three devices, allowing the transfer of 12 or 24 sample tubes at a time to the next step without any effort.

  • Antibody and reagent portfolio 
    A broad choice of high-quality Sysmex CyFlow™ CE IVD and RUO antibody reagents to create the perfect panel for your diagnostic needs, plus a selection of lyse, fix and permeabilisation reagents, and instrument set-up and maintenance reagents.

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Automated sample preparation for clinical flow cytometry

Rotolavit II-S

Rotolavit II-S

Automated cell washer for flow cytometry sample preparation



Clinical flow cytometer for immunophenotyping

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