Training Academy

The Sysmex Training Academy provides each of our customers with their own unique training “budget”. This budget can be used by customers to book the most appropriate training support for their individual needs. In addition the timing and location of the training can also be considerably flexed to suit customer requirements.

Our comprehensive training courses provide detailed training allowing our customers to fully understand general operating procedures prior to an analyser installation ‘going live’. Subsequent training can also be provided to broaden the level of expertise within the laboratory. We can provide training either on site or at the Sysmex Academy in Milton Keynes.

To find out more about the Sysmex Training Academy, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page by following this link: Sysmex Training Academy FAQ

If you require further details, please contact the Sysmex Training Academy at

Our Training Vision

Sysmex Academy supports high quality education throughout the UK and our partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to guarantee first class application and technical support, but also to share our scientific expertise.
We believe that providing a great learning experience is the key to ensure a solid knowledge transfer, and that is what we focus on. It helps us build more relevant, efficient, and hopefully more enjoyable training programs.

Our efforts are engaged towards different benefits:

Providing high-quality training for our customers in various formats, from product-related tutorials to scientific topics. This includes:

  • Classroom training at our training centre in Milton Keynes
  • Live and recorded scientific webinars
  • Training on request on your premises

You will find all our training activities on your e-learning portal Sysmex Academy, featuring a catalogue adapted to local needs.

Sysmex Training Specialist

Since knowledge is an important part of our business and one of the key reasons for our success, we devote a great deal of time to training our staff. We want our training to reflect the quality of our products and service, which incorporate the latest developments and research.

Everyone is committed to continuous learning and improvement so that they can pass the latest knowledge to you and address your immediate issues as a Sysmex customer.

First-hand experience

All the specialists that visit our customers are trained first-hand in their areas of expertise. This training is modular and builds on existing knowledge. After a certain period of time, all training needs to be revalidated, for which we use company-specific certification programmes.

Sysmex trainers are product experts that have qualified in our own train-the-trainer programmes. This includes training about education and learning methodologies.

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