Corporate social responsibility

Sysmex are dedicated to delivering on-going support inside and outside of the immediate community. We believe in the protection of the environment we live in and work hard to reduce our Carbon Footprint, Waste, Energy Consumption and Pollution both air and water.

Our Environment – Protecting our environment is not only morally sound and socially responsible; it also underpins a sound business practice for Sysmex and demonstrates our care for the community. We therefore:

  • Comply with all applicable legislation
  • Monitor and control our pollution levels and effect
  • Monitor and control waste in order keep this to an absolute minimum
  • Provide appropriate, suitable and sufficient training to our employees
  • Provide effective and timely communication regarding our performance to all stakeholders
  • Aim to Continually Improve our processes and performance in everything we do

Our Community – Sysmex has a proactive approach to CSR by:

  • Supporting local and national charities.
  • Encouraging volunteer work with local charities.
  • Supporting local schools.
  • Working with like-minded suppliers and contractors who understand social responsibilities and take steps to minimise their environmental impact

Video from the Rotterdam Marathon

Find out more about Sysmex Against Cancer and the Rotterdam Marathon

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Business Management

Sysmex endeavours to provide an optimum service to its customers.

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Business Continuity

Ensuring that business operations are not interrupted during a incident.

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Company Policies

The strategic link between the Company's Vision and its day-to-day operations.

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