Sysmex launches new products for the haemostasis field in the EMEA region: automated blood coagulation analysers CN-3500 and CN-6500 using chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) technology to enhance the testing workflow

2021/07/13 – Norderstedt, Germany

Sysmex Europe GmbH launches new haemostasis analysers CN-3500 and CN-6500 that can run chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassays to enhance the testing workflow.

Sysmex Europe GmbH announces the launch of new products for the haemostasis field in specific designated countries* of the EMEA region: the automated blood coagulation analysers CN-3500 and CN-6500, targeted at medium- and large-scale hospitals and commercial labs, as well as other facilities. These new instruments from Sysmex come with a measuring unit that uses the chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) methodology. CN-3500/CN-6500 incorporate all the unique features of the previously launched automated blood coagulation analysers CN-3000/CN-6000, making it possible to measure blood coagulation testing parameters including molecular markers for blood coagulation** with a single device.

Haemostasis, a type of testing that helps determine the ability of the blood to coagulate and dissolve clots, is used when diagnosing and treating haemorrhagic diseases, such as haemophilia, and thrombotic diseases, such as myocardial and cerebral infarction.

In recent years, changing lifestyle habits and the aging of the population have led to an increase in thrombotic diseases. Also, new blood preparations have been developed to enhance quality of life (QOL) in the face of haemorrhagic disease. Against this backdrop, the field of haemostasis has seen more diverse demands for early-stage diagnosis and appropriate treatment of such conditions, and the compound average growth rate of the global haemostasis market is estimated at 5.3%.

While the demand for greater diversity in testing and prompt provision of test results to physicians is on the rise, haemostasis is typically performed by using multiple instruments with different measurement principles, such as immunoassay systems and platelet aggregation analysers in addition to blood coagulation analysers, to measure different parameters. This not only adds to the complexity of the testing workflow, but also requires lengthy waits before test results become available to determine the disease state and provide appropriate medical care, posing challenges in healthcare settings.

The CN-3500/CN-6500 are integrated analysers that incorporate the features of their predecessors, the CN-3000/CN-6000, such as high levels of productivity, reliability, operability, and serviceability, and come with a measuring unit using a CLEIA** principle. As a result, our new blood coagulation analysers allow for flexible measurements in response to a broad range of test orders in the fields of thrombosis and haemostasis, such as molecular markers for blood coagulation measured with CLEIA**, in addition to the blood coagulation and platelet aggregation parameters, which can also be measured by the CN-6000/CN-3000, realizing an efficient testing workflow in a way that caters to real needs in healthcare settings.

Going forward, we will seek to offer new values in future by investing in the development of IVD reagents for haemostasis and immunochemistry using CLEIA**.

* Regarding the availability of the products in each country, please approach your local Sysmex representative.
** Depending on territories, CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents can be for research use only

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