Frequency Asked Questions:

How much training will we receive?

  • Each Sysmex analyser purchased is automatically accompanied by a number of training credits, to allow you to arrange the most appropriate training to suit your needs. The amount of credits received are specific to each instrument.
    You can choose which course better suits your level of expertise, either- Basic, Comprehensive or Advanced.
  • You can top up your training as and when required – the system is completely flexible and built around your specific training needs.
  • You will receive further training credits in subsequent years based on your range of equipment and your annual revenue expenditure.

Do I have to leave the lab?

For all of your basic training needs, the Sysmex Training Academy can accommodate training at your premises at a date and time which suit you. Comprehensive training courses, held at the Sysmex UK Training Suite in Milton Keynes, are designed to share expert knowledge efficiently and effectively. Recognising the time pressures you are under these are managed to minimise the time you or your staff are away from the laboratory.

What about any travel costs?

We recognise that budget constraints dictate how much training can be arranged. To reflect this we will reimburse most reasonable travel costs if you are required to visit the Sysmex Training Academy for your particular training module. (Please see Terms and Conditions for further information.)

Can I use the training credits for anything else?

Yes, in year 3 onwards, Training Credits can also be used to keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date by attending relevant conferences and professional development events such as the IBMS, Sysmex User Symposium or the NEQAS & BSHT Annual Meetings.

Credits can also be used to purchase certain educational materials and subscriptions. You can also purchase extra credits if required. Please contact us for further details.

How can I arrange training?

It’s easy. Simply contact the Sysmex Training Academy on 08700 666960 for further information on the number of credits available to you, the type of training required and to discuss your preferred dates and times.

How many credits will I receive?

Credit Allocation Year 1 (Instrument Based)

Instrument Purchased                      Credit Allocation (Year 1)                        Credit Allocation (Year 2*)

XN-Series                                              27                                                                      3

XE-Series                                               21                                                                     3

XT-Series                                               21                                                                      3

XS-Series                                               3                                                                       1

XP-300                                                   3                                                                       1

TS-Series                                               3                                                                       1

Interrliner                                                3                                                                       1

SIS                                                         9                                                                        2

EPU                                                       12                                                                      2

KX-Series                                               3                                                                       1

DM-Series                                              3                                                                       1


CS-Series                                               21                                                                     3

CS-5100                                                 27                                                                     3

CA-7000                                                 21                                                                     3

CA-1500                                                 27                                                                     3

CA-500/600                                            3                                                                       1

PFA-Series                                             3                                                                       1

Ves-Matic Cube 200                               3                                                                       1


*Please Note: The basic credit allocation for Year 2 is the minimum you will receive. You can receive more based upon revenue spent during Year 1.


Credit Allocation Year 2 (Revenue Based)

Annual Spend                   Credit

£0-50k                                  2

£50-100k                             4

£100-150k                          6

£150-£200k                        8

Over £200k                        10

What can my training credits buy?

Training Offered                                                          Training Duration (days)                   Cost in Credits

Basic Training- On-Site                                                1                                                                  3

Comprehensive Training- Sysmex UK                    3                                                                  9

Advanced Training- On-Site                                      1                                                                  3

Year 2 Onwards:

In-House Seminars                                                       1                                                                   3

User Symposium (Day Delegate)                            1                                                                   3

User Symposium (24Hr Delegate)                          2                                                                  12

IBMS Congress                                                              1 to 3                                                          5 to 12

NEQAS                                                                              1 to 2                                                          5 to 7

Are there any other benefits?

You will also receive the following benefits:

  • Go-Live Support - All customers receive on-site support on the day the installation goes live.
  • CPD Accreditation – All our training courses are CPD accredited.

What is the blended learning approach?

  • Physical face-to-face training
  • Interactive webinars
  • Self-directed courses
  • Multimedia courses

What is Sysmex Academy Online? (SAO)

Sysmex Academy Online (SAO) is our brand new online platform which will greatly improve your training experience and satisfaction.

SAO provides a variety of online training, more interactive exercises, and assessments, as well as more information on our traditional in-house and onsite training courses.

Laboratory Managers have improved visibility and monitoring of their staff’s training, including access to training history and spending credits.

What are the user benefits of SAO?

  • Flexible online training courses available 24/7
  • Comprehensive course catalogue
  • Continual release of educative material
  • Self-enrolment of courses
  • Upload and download of training certificates
  • Check your learning progress and training history
  • Explores Teams
  • See Announcements

What are the Laboratory Manager benefits of SAO?

  • Explore learning analytics
  • Complete management of your organisation:
  • Credit spending and usage reports
  • Management of staff members
  • Staff course enrolment
  • Monitor staff training progression
  • Access to staff training records and certificates
  • Feedback and update requests
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