Sysmex's integrated solutions

Sysmex products are unique, they reflect our drive for excellence and our profound love of knowledge.

We are very aware of the fact that we can and do make a genuine positive contribution to our domains in the healthcare industry, and therefore to the health of individuals. We want our products to solve real issues and make people’s lives better, making the working life of those who use our products easier.

All our products are underpinned and supported by our holistic approach to providing solutions. It’s not just about the individual products – it’s how they fit together in the bigger picture and supplement one another, even up to our total lab automation solutions.

The challenges of the workplace - in-vitro diagnostic environments and others - inspire us towards innovation. Since we were founded, we have continuously expanded our knowledge, opening up new diagnostic and analytical possibilities, continuing to do so as we move into new areas of business.


Haematology Products

Ploidy Analysis


Paper Industry

Yeast Analysis

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