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We at Sysmex are committed to challenging ourselves continuously to offer innovative solutions that respond to increasingly varied and sophisticated customer needs. By providing high-quality workflow solutions, we aim to contribute to swift diagnoses and the selection of appropriate treatment.
To this end, we have just launched our brand-new CE-marked analysers for haemostasis testing, the CN-3500 and CN-6500, which are part of the CN-Series, in the EMEA region.1

Characterised by its small footprint, CN has been designed to provide a highly powerful solution in terms of productivity, services, and analytical and operational performance, delivering answers to your haemostasis testing needs.

Find out more by visiting the CN-Series product page and CN track product page.

For the latest opinions on CN-Series, join our Presentation Theatre session hosted by medical experts. It was initially presented on
Tuesday, 20 July at 7:00–7:45 US EST (13:00–13:45 CEST) via the ISTH Virtual Congress and is kept available on demand for 90 days till 19 October 2021. In addition, it is available on Sysmex Academy and remains accessible there for two years.

Session title: Building a Future in Haemostasis Lab Workflow with the Sysmex CN-Series: Optimising Efficiency in Routine Workflow and the Clinical Utility of Chemiluminescence Testing for the COVID Era and Beyond.
Chair: Dr Steve Kitchen, Clinical Scientist, Department of Coagulation, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield S10 2JF, UK

Subject Presenter
Performance evaluation of the automated random-access multiparameter Sysmex CN-6000
hemostasis analyzer

Dr Corinne Frère
MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Hematology
Department of Haematology, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital
Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
Sorbonne University

Do Haemostatic and Fibrinolytic Activation Markers have Clinical Utility in COVID-19 Patients?
Utilising the Sysmex CN-6500 for Classical Haemostasis and Chemiluminescence Testing.
Dr Chris Gardiner
Chris Gardiner Consulting Ltd
Bucks HP17 8LG, UK


Sysmex’s next-generation haemostasis analysers of the CN-Series are equipped with a new set of four powers:

Powerful productivity

Powerful productivity

presents the highest productivity ever of a Sysmex haemostasis analyser: the smallest footprint and fastest throughput with the most comprehensive assay menu.

Discover what Powerful Productivity means for you:

Less space needed, more possibilities gained: CN-Series’ ergonomic design paired with its ultra-high throughput leads to unmatched productivity per square metre, complemented by a wide assay portfolio to give you the utmost room for growth.

Shorten your turnaround times with CN’s high throughput of up to 450 tests/h for classical haemostasis parameters and up to 26 tests/h for the CLEIA method (chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay)*.

  • Use one system for routine and specialty assays – CN offers you the opportunity, including e.g. platelet aggregation, DOAC assays and immunochemistry tests.
  • Save lab space without compromising on speed. CN does not need to be big to be powerful.
  • Get more analyses out of less volume: CN requires only a minimal sample dead volume.
Analytical power

Analytical power

gives more confidence to obtain valid results from abnormal and problematic samples through sophisticated processing capabilities.

Discover what Analytical Power offers you:

Make decisions confidently based on your results. Even from difficult samples, CN-Series provides you reliable results straight away, thanks to its powerful technologies and processing capabilities.

  • Not all samples coming to the lab are perfect. CN identifies sub-optimal samples with its HIL and sample volume checks.
  • With its proven multi-wavelength technology for clotting, chromogenic, platelet aggregation and immunoassays, CN analyses samples reliably, even with demanding assay profiles.
  • Assess comprehensive coagulation functions through CN’s clot waveform analysis (CWA).
  • CN makes inhibitor testing more convenient, thanks to its on-board cross-mixing functions.
Operational power

Operational power

minimises tedious and time-consuming manual intervention related to sample and reagent handling.

Discover how Operational Power can make a difference in your lab:

Bring ease of use to a new level with CN-Series. The systems actively support the user for a daily routine experience that is as smooth as possible, and minimise the need of hands-on time.

  • CN is here to help: the system tells you up front how many vials of which reagent it needs to run the planned daily routine without interruption.
  • Spare yourself manual dilutions of platelet aggregation agonists with CN’s automatic dilution function.
  • No need to make sample aliquots – the two measuring units inside the CN-3500 and CN-6500 operate in a fully integrated way. Sample aliquots are transferred from one to the other automatically.
  • You can connect your CN directly to your water purification system, so you do not have to carry rinse water tanks around.
  • Run up to 120,000 samples without changing the piercer.
  • Profit from LED light sources with true longevity of up to five years – and without user maintenance.
Powerful services

Powerful services

offer you peace of mind, with proactive and advanced services including remote functionalities.

Discover the benefits of Powerful Services:

Choosing Sysmex as a partner in your lab sets new standards for your peace of mind. Maximise your analyser uptime and performance quality with the advanced services Sysmex and CN-Series offer.

  • CN proactively helps preventing sudden downtime by technical self-check functions allowing real-time diagnosis.
  • Together with Sysmex’s remote support capabilities, CN downtime can be minimised and made to fit in better with the lab’s schedule.
  • Should trouble-shooting become necessary, CN’s interactive guide leads the operator easily through the necessary actions and countermeasures.

1 Regarding the availability of the products in each country, please approach your local Sysmex representative.

*Depending on territories, CLEIA Haemostasis Sysmex reagents can be for research use only

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