Sysmex Veterinary Smear Workflow

The judgment of an abnormal blood smear is an art. Therefore, a well-made smear is essential for optimal microscopy examination of the blood cell differential. The new Sysmex Smear Workflow for veterinary laboratories offers a unique concept that optimises the preparation of peripheral blood smears for automated digital morphology. Coupled with our XN-V Series analysers, it seamlessly covers the whole haematology workflow so that you can provide consistent, high-quality results.

Building blocks

Whether your ideal laboratory set-up consists of stand-alone instruments or fully automated cell counting, smearing, staining and digital morphology, Sysmex is your partner for tailoring veterinary blood work to your needs. Should these change in the future, our solutions’ modularity and scalability allow you to expand and upgrade your system at any time, securing your initial investment.

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