Pannoramic® 480

The PANNORAMIC® 480, designed by 3DHISTECH, is a compact solution tailored to meet your digital pathology needs. It offers reliable, automatic, scanning of specimens with AI-supported tissue recognition, automatic focus control, and rescanning options. The configurable rack panel supports standard and mega slides simultaneously, and rack prioritisation is possible.

The PANNORAMIC® 480 is ideal for scenarios demanding high throughput and top-notch scan quality. Key benefits include handling a high volume of specimens (up to 480 slides), rack prioritisation, seamless integration into laboratory workflows, fast digitisation of large-area sections with mega slide scanning, and excellent image quality. Internal focus quality control also ensures an accurate representation of the original slide.


  • Handles a high volume of specimens with a loading volume of 480 slides and a throughput of up to 90 slides per hour 
  • Offers preferential scanning of urgent cases via prioritization 
  • Seamless integration into the laboratory workflow
  • Enables fast digitisation of large-area sections by scanning mega slides 
  • Ensures excellent image quality with up to three high-quality plan-apochromat objectives 
  • Enables reliable automatic scanning of specimens with AI-supported tissue recognition 
  • Guarantees accurate representation of the original slide through internal focus quality control


Technical Specifications
Capacity up to 480 slides 
Speed 25 sec / slide* 
Throughput: up to 90 slides / hour* 
Image capture magnification 40x / 80x or 55x / 110x 
Supported racks** 3DH, Sakura, Leica 
  Brightfield scanning
  Flash scanning technology
  Single- and mega slide
  Single/Extended Focus/Z Stack scanning 
  Scan priority management 
Flexibility arbitrary-order scanning, normal and mega slides 
  MRXS or DICOM output format
  Automated tissue detection
  All commonly used 1D and 2D barcodes read
Weight 240 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1200 mm x 902 mm x 1004 mm 
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