XN-9100 Sorting & Archiving

  • The Sorting and Archiving configuration is best suited to labs with a high workload during routine hours with low to medium complexity order profiles and sample workflow. It's also great for labs with archiving and/or sorting needs.
  • The XN-9100 consists of up to ten XN modules that you can tailor to your own laboratory needs. Sorting & Archiving is a flexible configuration. It consists of XN analysis modules, our SP-50 slide maker/stainer, the DI-60 digital imaging module and the TS-10 tube sorter at the end. It optimises workflows from cell counting via smear preparation to morphology analysis and sorts EDTA tubes intelligently as you need.
  • It can analyse both routine haematology testing and specialty samples depending on the clinical value applications on your analysis modules.
  • Samples that need a smear are processed automatically by the slide-maker/stainer, followed by digital imaging. Smears are of excellent quality and consistency - even with highly pathological samples - thanks to the use of an adaptive smear technique and RAL classic staining reagents,
  • Smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value – the analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making/staining and morphology analysis. You can also order it up front.
  • The tube sorter reduces turnaround time and manual sample handling significantly. After analysis, it rapidly delivers pre-sorted tubes for subsequent, dedicated work areas and tests such as HbA1c*, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR*) or blood group testing.
  • To make best use of your space or when the available space is not enough for a linear set-up, alternative designs can be installed: Inner-L, Outer-L, Inner-U, Outer-U, Z

* only in certain countries


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