CellTrics flow cytometry consumables can be used to filter any kind of liquid suspension, e.g. for isolation of cells and nuclei from cell debris and aggregates and also for filtering either microorganisms or cell cultures.

CellTrics flow cytometry consumables remove large particles which may disturb flow cytometric sample runs (e.g. flow cuvette clogging). The gauze is tilted in order to achieve a complete and fast filtering of the liquid sample. The shape of CellTrics fits to various tubes (1-3-5-10 ml sample tubes). Different mesh width are defined by different colour code. No additional devices are required. Partec CellTrics are available both sterile and non sterile.

Technical Specifications
Versions Sterile (single-packed) and non-sterile
Available sizes (mesh diameter) Seven different mesh sizes:
5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150µm
Gauze material 5 and 10µm >  Polyester
20 - 150µm >  Nylon
Usable tube sizes 3 - 15ml
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